Auto sync problem with the android app

Hi guys i just got my new Private Cloud 2TB, and now i have installed the android app and i saw that there is an option to make the app “auto sync” photos from my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500) 

the problem is that it’s not working

is there any thing that i can do to make it work properly? coz i have really a lot of photos and stuff on my phone

thanks for your help


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Check on the settings for the autosync to see if you left the option to sync only on wi-fy.

Hello, and thanks.

It is configured to be “always on”

up? any one?

Hello, can someone please respond? I have the same exact issue. I have the app set up to auto-sync and it is set to always be On. None of my new pictures get uploaded automatically unless I manually upload them myself to a folder.

I have the Samsung Galaxy S4 along with a Google account. Mine is set up to sync with my Google account. See images below. First I click on Settings and then Accounts. If yours is not set up then you will need to Add account.

After that I click on Google and then my account. See image below.

Then I check all the items I want synced. See image below.

My photos are sent to my Public Share and are under my Google email name folder.

If you just want to move you photos from your camera to your My Cloud you may want to check out this discussion that I posted to a few days back.

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Newbee to all this.

Got My Cloud up and running, android app 4.1.1, HTC Desire 500

Yea. I still dont get this at all, Auto synk with what and how? I doesent do anything!

I can manually upload files to My Cloud, ok

I mostly whant to automaticly download new photos fom my phone to My Cloud

Need som basic info on how to do this.

Hope fore some answers.

Go to the Learning Center and read all the information provided there. The following comes from information provided under the apps download info.

Access to cloud services requires the My Cloud app and an active Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive account.

Here is a link to that page.

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Finally found som info thath explaind so you could understand, its from a from a review.


The mobile app (we used the Android version on a Samsung Galaxy S4) is also clean and easy to use, and we found it useful for viewing photos and accessing music stored on the drive. You can add your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts to the WD My Cloud mobile app (not the desktop app), but they won’t sync with the drive, and we also couldn’t find an easy way to transfer files from those services to the drive. WD’s tips (they are accessible from the app’s device menu) suggest you can simply copy and paste files from Dropbox, but only a cut operation was present in our app, meaning we could only move files rather than duplicate them.


So the question that remains is what is “auto sync”? and what does it do?