Auto-sync folder

Has anyone been able to find a way to create a folder on their My Cloud that will automatically sync across your computers, regardless of location (like Dropbox or Google Drive)?  I’m away from home for the next couple of months and I would like to create a folder on my EX2 that I can keep synced with my computer at home.  I don’t want the whole drive synced because I don’t have enough space on my any of my computers.  Third party apps don’t work since the only access I have to the device while away from my home network is via the WD My Cloud app, but it doesn’t have any sync capabilities.  Manually uploading and downloading using that interface is clunky, slow, and a pain.  Thanks for the help!

No built-in EX2 feature allows that. But I’m currently considering installing OwnCloud on my EX2, IF I can find the time to tinker with it. OwnCloud ( ) does provide that functionality. I don’t have a pressing need for it, so I can’t say when, if at all, I’ll get it working…but you are more than welcome to tinker on your own if you like, as long as you are comfy with Linux. But of course this would be an out-of-warranty use for this product and won’t be sanctioned by WD.

i’m really interested in this too.

I really would like to have a way to sync a folder outside the network. Is there any chance an app will be developed?

i’m thinking to try somehow to install bittorrent sync

maybe you can see what i started: