Auto save new files (pictures, etc) - 2 TB mybooklive

I bought the 2 TB mybooklive with the idea that it would backup new files whenever they were saved to my desktop. I haven’t found out where to set it up to do this. Can someone please point me in the right direction to set it up this way. Much appreciated.

when you purchased the drive is comes with an optional software program called SmartWare.  This software can be installed on any computer which has access to the MBL, and that computer will backup files to a hidden folder on the MBL.  The software can be set to keep only the mos recent version of a file, or a few generations.  It can be set to back up “types” of files, like media, or you can opt to manually set which files and folders are to be backed up.

Personally, I don’t like backing up the desktop, becuase that’s where I put things temporarily while I’m moving them around and working on them.  SmartWare is pretty quick, and when you delete a file from a backed up location, it doesn’t delete it from the backup on the MBL.  So everytime you put a file ont he desktop, and then decide to delete or move it elsewere later, you end up with unneeded or extra copies on the MBL. 

Or, when I transfer a bunch of photos from my D-SLR, I upload them first to a folder which is not being backed up.  Once I go through and delete all the loser photos, I move the good photos to other folders which ARE backed up.

Long, answer, sorry.