Auto playing of next file in dir

Anyone know how to program the wd live to auto play the next file in the file dir on the server 

What it keeps doing is replaying the same file over and over until i slect. the next movies or show to play

when i first got it, it would play the whole dir now it wont after the last there undates of firmware

Hi dude!

What if you create a playlist with all the files on the directory? o.o

Yes all the files are in the same dir

are you not able to just select a dir. and have it play all the files in that dir

Hi jamesandcindy,

To play all files in a folder press PLAY on the folder.  As you’ve discovered if you press ENTER on the folder then play a file it will repeat that file.



Hi there,

I have no idea how to make a video playlist… so anyone who does I’d like to know.

However. I know how to have continuous play of movies in a folder. I have a folder of skate videos I’ve made and I like to watch 'em all back to back.

Simply play the first movie in the directory and press the OPTIONS button for the available options. You’ll see a repeat option. You can select repeat the same file over and over or select repeat all and it’ll play each movie one after another through the list.

Hope that helps.