Auto Play

My camera records video as mov HD files. If these files are then put in to a folder, they each have to be opened individually to play. My previous Media Player would open them sequentially, and they would play as one continuous file. Hugely convenient.  

If the files are run through a video editor ( Cyberlink Power Director ) to make a continuous strip, each still has to be opened individually. If they are put through a DVD maker ( Convert X to DVD ) and the ISO option used to enable playing through WD TV Live, they still will not auto open. Both above methods make a continuous clip that plays through the computer players, or when burnt to a dvd.

Similarly, I find that folders containing  YouTube files for example. will not auto run with WD Live.

The camera file play is a serious issue. Previously, it was as simple as downloading from the camera to a flash drive , instant video. As it happens, I have a WD Play which will auto open the files, but with a black flash between each of them.

Any suggestions?   Kowhai

Yep; put each sequence in its own folder, then press PLAY on the FOLDER instead of going into the folder and pressing OK on a video.

Thanks Tony.   That works, just a bit different from the Seagate player. Only problem I have now is the second or so of black screen between each clip. This is the same  with clips played from the folder, clips edited to make a continuous strip,

and clips put through the DVD maker and sent to a folder as ISOs, instead of being burnt. Slower processor I guess.

If you have a method of processing the files to avoid the gap, please post a note. It doesn’t matter for have a look when we get home viewing, but is a nuisance for the more important videos I have stored, which will now need to be burnt to discs.

Thanks again,   Cheers,     Kowhai

I’ve successfully done that on numerous occasions with my Kodak Zi8 camera;  I just used Pinnacle Studio to merge them all together.  No gaps.

So you’re saying your Seagate player will play them back-to-back with no discernible gap?

Tony,   Yes it did. However I have done them again with the Cyberlink 9 Power Director to make sure the clips were merged into a continuous file and now of course they play with no break. I have an HP computer with an i7 quad core, so it doesn’t take long to do. Much better prospect than burning a lot of discs.

Movie clips tend to be fairly short and when they are all of the same general subject, most can be run together with nothing lost, and no editing required unless it is something special, to view as a continuous film.

The seagate player played video files and YouTube type files ( converted from flvs which it didn’t play ) direct from the folder

just like a slide show, with no gap. It doesn’t work anymore, but from memory it had an auto play option in the menu as

well as some other options that would be nice in WD Live. Nothing wrong though with WD Live, Just have to learn how to use it. Hooray for you and your advice. Thank you.

Regards,      Kowhai