Auto-Play Pictures not working in WD LIVE

Hi I bought WD live to use it as Digital signage for playing photos automatically, I already own a HD LIVE and it does what is expected (automatically plays my photos)

But second unit which I bought doesnt play my photos automatically, In settings there is a option to play photos - in autoplay mode. Support person Syed replied me saying WD LIVE can only autoplay music and videos and not Photos. How funny ? it can play music & videos automatically and not pictures

Ref support message

The reason why I’m posting it here is you guys have enough knowledge than these trainee support guys. I’m 100% sure that WD can play photos automatically, not sure why my particular unit  doesnt, I even flashed with latest firmware 1.04.22_V (it came with  1.02.21) Please help me guys.

Product WD TV Live Media Player


As far as I can see the WD Live only plays Videos and Photos automatically. Are you saying that you see the option in the menu but it does not work? You say that you already own a HD Live and you bought a second unit, was that also a live. Are you sure that your first unit is a Live and not just a WDTV HD.

In short as far as I know there is a option to automatically play photos in the system setting menu. The photos have to be in the root directory of an attached disk.