Auto play issues

Hi all

I use WD TV Live boxes to display digital signage and have recently had a couple of problems.

I used the auto play feature for video rather than photos.

So, my first problem was that WD changed the auto play function.  Previously, all I had to do was to put a memory stick in the front USB, set the “Video Playback Sequence” to “Repeat all”, set “Auto Play” to “Video Auto Play” and off I went, no problems.  If a presentations changed all I needed to get customers to do was swap a memory stick and power-cycle the box.  Hey presto, everything worked.  Then WD “upgraded” the firmware and that function stopped working; I (they) had to go through menu options to get the player to function - not what I was expecting.

Anyway, I grabbed an old version of the firmware and downgraded.  This means that videos auto play as I expected.  My first question is this,

has anyone got auto play video to work as I described with a FW version greater than 1.04.12?

I then wanted to create a photo only solution using auto play and I can’t get it to work at all.  I’ve set “Auto Play” to “Auto Play Photo Slideshow with Music” (there is no “no music” option!), “Slideshow Sequence” is “Repeat all”.  When I power cycle the player it just drops me into the horizonal menu.  So, my second question is this,

has anyone got auto play photos to work with version 1.04.12?

I don’t mind WD updating firmware but they’re taking away features that people rely on.  I’m rather afraid that I’ll have to switch products if I can’t get this to work.  My final question then is,

has anyone used a competing product that will just look at a memory stick and play what’s on it when powered on?

Thanks for any and all assistance!



I believe that you have the NEW live streaming media player and are therefore posting in the wrong place.

You may get better results at the link below or maybe a mod will move your post.