Auto-Login Solution for Mapped Network Drives?

Every time I start my computer, it shows my mapped ShareSpace drives as being disconnected until I click on the drive and then login to ShareSpace.   Is there any way, on a home network, to have an auto-login?   Since this is a home network, I don’t have an Active Directory domain controller setup so I’m assuming I can’t use Active Directory accounts to auto-log me in?

In my dreamy world, I was expecting to be able to just map network drives to ShareSpace and not have to deal with authentication each time.   Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case… unless I’m doing something wrong.

In addition, Windows Vistas back-up utility won’t work with ShareSpace… I get the following error:

“The network share could not be accessed for the following reason: Cannot create a file when the file already exists.  (0x800700B7)  Please ensure that the network location is valid.”

Has anyone figured-out a work-around for this?  So far, I’m getting a bit frustrated with these issues.  I’m not sure if these are problems I should expect from a low priced NAS solution or if they’re specific to WD products?

I suppose I won’t get any replies on the issues with using the built-in Vista back-up program since I’m sure WD would say, “Use the free software we gave you”.

However, I still don’t see why I’m prompted for a login to the “Public” folder.

Well, I came-up with a hack to resolve the login issue.  I created a batch file that uses the “net use” command and stuck it in my Startup folder.

net use y: [\WDShareSpace\BackUp](file://%5C%5CNETWORKDRIVE%5CBackUp) myPassword /user:myUserName /persistent:yes
net use z: [\WDShareSpace\Public](file://%5C%5CNETWORKDRIVE%5CPublic) myPassword /user:myUserName /persistent:yes

Not a perfect solution, but good enough.   Now if I could only figure-out why Vista back-up won’t work…

Do you know if the Windows backup is trying to write permissions to your data?  If so, you will need to disable that since the drive cannot accept external permissions.

According to this blog post, Vista back-up does write user permission data to the network driving before the back-up.   Doing a search for “Vista backup network drive” reveals that a lot of people are having this issue, not just WD ShareSpace owners.  Oh well… another lesson learned with my new NAS :neutral_face: