Auto Delete Files after X Days

Hey everyone,

I have a ‘CCTV’ share on my MyCloud Mirror, where my CCTV IP Cam records to via FTP.

All works perfectly, but I have to remember to open the WD app and delete, which is a pain.

Does anyone have any advice on how to automatically delete files in this share after 30 days?

Alternatively, I have access to SSH via Webconsole, is anyone able to write a command that I can use in there to schedule the deletion of files over 30 days? A cron job perhaps? I’ve not used this type of thing before.

Any advice would be great!

Hi russkn87,

I have the same question. I have my CCTV system saving to the drive via FTP however after setting a quota to limit disk usage the recording stoped, instead of, what I assumed, auto deleting/over-recording?

Have you found any solution?


Hi! No, sorry I never found a solution sadly. I resorted to buying SD cards for my cameras individually.