Auto create folders when using android My Cloud

I recently upgraded my android phone and noticed that WD Photo does not exist anymore. WD My Cloud took its place. Using this, I was able to connect my phone to my WD MyCloud NAS dirve. But, unlike WD Photo, all my pictures and videos went to a single folder and not separated by date/time like it did in WD Photo. Is there a way to auto create folders when auto backup takes place? Creating a new folder at least on a daily basis?

The Auto Backup feature of My Cloud Mobile app supports the backup of Photos & Videos. It will not create extra folders on device. You may refer below link for more details regarding Auto backup features of My Cloud.

Is there any prospect of this “auto-create folder by date” feature being reinstated (i.e. added to the “MyCloud” app)? This was the single most useful thing the WD Photos app did. I’m on iOS now, rather than Android, but I’d love to get this feature back.

Lots of us take lots of photos on our phones, and most of us can’t / don’t name each photo as we take it. trying to find a particular image when all you can do is search through massive lists of pictures named by strings of letters and numbers, with the dates written in tiny, grey font underneath is impractical.

I’m assuming it should be easy to add this functionality back?

Fingers crossed.