Auto Connect on Power Up 50-50 Success Rate

My WDTVLIVEPLUS connects wirelessly to an N repeater.  When I power up the player, automatic connection seems hit or miss, about a 50-50 proposition.  I live in single family house, and competing networks are not a problem.  My signal at the Player is clean and strong.   Is this normal?

I have had no issues using a linksys wrt54gl router, Buffalo WLI-UC-GN adapter and 1.03.49 firmware.

However that being said, I have an incredibly stable network (reset once in the last year or so) and the live+ and router are only 20 ft or so apart with one wall inbetween.

Can wait and see what others have to say since my setup is fairly simple, not sure what happens as repeaters and such get involved.

I have an E3000 router broadcasting in mixed mode, but the Hawking repeater is N only.  Wireless adapter on the Player is the Cisco WUSB600N.  Distance from router to repeater ~ 45 feet, minor (partial) obstruction.  Repeater to player is ~45 feet, through  wall and  floor.  Yesterday, downloaded two movies from  Blockbuster using this setup in about 30 minutes, no problems.  Today, when the player failed to autoconnect, no other wireless equipment was in action.  On the player, when I select the wireless network, “Connect,” it connects quickly every time.