Auto BU to Carbontite or other service without computer

planning on purchasing a My Cloud 8TB with mirror… and am looking for it to automatically BU to a cloud service such as Carbonite, or Amazon, or… But, I don’t want to have to leave my laptop running at home to make this happen. Is this something that My Cloud can do for me?

What does that mean? Are you buying a My Cloud Mirror? If so that is a different device than the single bay/single drive My Cloud unit that is the general subject of this particular subforum (My Cloud). If you need specific help or questions on the My Cloud Mirror, see the Mirror subforum.

For the single bay/single drive My Cloud units, they do not officially support backing up to cloud based services. There is however an unofficial method of backing up to remote storage services that is not supported in any way by WD. See the following discussion for more information.

Also do a subforum search, magnifying glass icon upper right, for “goodsync” to find a few other separate discussions.

OK, just a my cloud then…