Auto-blocking whitelist?

I’ve been doing some testing with ftp clients deliberately trying to transfer with invalid credentials, and I’ve found that some of them have been added automatically to the list of blocked IPs, presumably because of these failed attempts. Is there a way to ‘whitelist’ some IPs, so that they are not blocked like this?

You can refer the link mentioned below and refer the steps mentioned in the My Cloud FTP Settings. In the last step given in the article you can see the list of blocked IP address. You can remove the IP address from there.

thats removal from blacklist, which is not the same as adding to whitelist.

There is a file called “etc/hosts.allow” used by vsftp that you could theoretically add your whitelisted hosts to. You would have to invoke vsftpd with


in the vsftpd.conf file. I am currently on vacation, so I do not have access to my mycloud at the moment, so I cannot give further insights.

If you have a gen2 mycloud, getting persistent modifications to conf files is kludgy. You would need to install something like wdcrack, then append some stuff to its init script to modify the conf files and restart the system’s daemons. A gen1 mycloud should be easier to tweak like this.

Bear in mind that these kinds of modifications would have to be done over SSH.

Thanks, I’ll look into your suggestions.