Auto backup for iPhone camera roll

Hi, just want to clear something up purely for my own sanity… I’ve had my mycloud for about 4 years now and it’s had a few hiccups but overall been a good bit of kit and done what I’ve needed. I’ve recently had to do a full reset and it’s all back up and running but one thing I’ve noticed is that I have to have the app open to “start” the backup process off?? I swear that it just used to automatically do it in the background once I joined my Wi-Fi network and I’d get a notification come up saying “mycloud is backing up photos, to speed up the backup open the app” or along those lines. Am I completely making this up?

NOPE!! iphones have a power save mode that reduces resources (data transfer) when the app goes into the background or when the screen locks.


  • Keep the iphone plugged into and charging above 80%
  • Prevent phone screen from locking
  • Enable Carrier Network backup even if you’re on local Wi-Fi
  • Keep My Cloud app open and in the foreground

Backups will go much faster

Good tips and here’s more:
Do not leave MC app running in background after uploads, turn it off so if you take more photos to upload the only way the app knows there are new uploads is when app is turned back on, afresh.

Also this tip: