Auto Backup Continues to Backup the Same Files

I have my Android phone automatically backup any photos to a specific folder on my EX4.  However, I have my photos arranged by year, month, date, topic in a separate folder.  Every now and then, I will go thru the \PhoneUploads folder, moving these files to there correct storage folders under \Pictures.

I want to keep a lot of photos on my phone, so I don’t delete them from their original location on the phone.

The next time I go to the \PhoneUploads folder, all the same files that I recently moved have been uploaded again from my phone.  I like that I can automatically upload all photos, but once I move them out of the auto-upload folder, they should not be uploaded again.  Is there any way to set the app to only upload new photos?

I am using the WD My Cloud app as the WD Photos app usually cannot find any pictures.


As far as I know, there’s no option to change that since the app will scan the folder on the drive and will upload automatically all the pictures that are not on that folder as part of the synchronization.

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what about for an ios auto backup?

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