Auto-backing up daily (actual firmware)

Hi there,

I have just purchased and installed a WD my book.
From what I had read, it is possible to do an automated backup of the WD content to a USB device on a scheduled basis (for example daily).

I just learned that, with my actual firmware, this is no longer possible. I cannot find any settings on the dashboard.

Is there a workaround? Is WD working on this feature? To me, it is very essential to have a daily backup for security reasons.

Any help will be appreciated!

Thanks a lot,

Is there a workaround? Possibly, but it would most likely require the use of SSH and using scripting to automate using the copy or rsync command. See the following links for more discussion.

Is WD working on the feature? Who knows, you’d have to contact WD Support and ask them. This is mostly a user to user support forum. Most here are not WD employees.

Feel free to complain in the following Cloud Ideas thread over this missing feature in the v2.x firmware on the single bay My Cloud’s…

The lack of a scheduler option for USB backups in the v2.x single bay My Cloud firmware is a common complaint. One can find additional discussion on it by using the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right.

Hey Bennor,

sorry I didn’t say thanks earlier. :slight_smile:
It was very nice of you to post such a thorough reply. :slight_smile:

I do hope WD will work on the issue and re-introduce the feature.

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