Authentication Revoked

I asked the next question for several times now, but still there is no solution. Please help!!!

I Have a My Book Live 3T, an iPhone 4S, UBEE UVW 3200 router/wifi modem and the WD2GO app installed on mij 4S.

Everytime when I try to login to the WD2GO app I have to singup with an activation code. So once i’ve got the code from the dasboard ui (My Book Live), I entered the code into the WD2GO app. It continously sais: Authentication Revoked.

What is the problem. I looked it up on this forum but there were no solutions.

I also tried to uninstall/install the app, put the remote switch on the dasboard on/off and restore the MyBook Live (the webaccess does work

Nothing works. Please help!

Have you tried to backup all your files and do a factory restore? Also check if you have the latest firmware installed.

I have the latest firmware installed and also tried a full restore… but nothing works…