Authentication is not reachable

My Cloud Home should never be the only form of storage for your critical data and three forms of storage with one of them offsite is recommended. Even with Auth0 server disruption today,

  • ‘Private User Space’ was still available if it had been mounted prior to server disruption.
  • In addition ‘Public Shared’ using SMB in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder was also available locally.
  • A routine backup of MCH to an external USB drive attached to the MCH could have afforded another form of backup. The USB drive could have been dismounted and mounted elsewhere.
  • Finally, a third backup, offsite, to the cloud using Dropbox or other cloud storage would have provided another backup.

I’m in. Hooray!

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me too!!

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Hi Tekram

is there a way for auto backing up the mch disk to external USB drive attached to the MCH. Or we should do this via a disk connected to a computer.

I was able to finally log in about 30 minutes ago.

Ideally WD should have provided a way to mount the USB drive that is attached to the MCH so that the USB drive could be seen by the OS, but it didn’t. So the only free and automatic way to back up the ‘Private User Space’ on the MCH is something like DSynchronize mentioned here:

I have the same problem can’t log in from any device or online account too.

Had a Chat with Technical support, they said it problem from there end and it will soon be rectified, person said to keep on checking community page where message will be updated once service is fine n running

same problem… i really needed to access my files.

me too. today it worked correctly and now it does not work. i write from Italy