Authentication is not reachable

Im having the same issue here unable to access my cloud through laptop, phone, or website.

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Yeah the same issue here.
Every time i try to logg in i’m gething a message that’s say’s “authentication problem”

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Yes I am having same issue!

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Same issure. How to solve it? Just wait 24h then try again?

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Having the same issue here.
I was able to reboot it through the app. Since then it appears online and can’t authenticate (error 100006) nor from the app or from the web interface.
Luckily I got it back on the Mac Finder closing and running again WD Discovery…

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WD Community,

Please see the following topic for this current issue:


so am I, and need to acces my files right now, that’s what the product promised.

How soon this will resolve?

The same: the authentication service is not reachable, please try again later (error code 10006) …

Mismo problema, “No se puede acceder a la autenticación. Vuelva a intentarlo" código de error 10006.
Alguien que pueda ayuda, por favor, Gracias.

Same problem…when will it be fixed?

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got this link from the live chat support service.

It’s not a solution to their problem, but at least it may help a bit for the wait.

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my bowser actually adverts me it’s not a safe link, but what else are we to do?

If WD Discovery had been running prior to Auth0 service disruption, then the KDDFS mounted in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder would likely be still running normally even as the web or mobile app failed at log in. The attached picture showed that the MCH mounted private user space continued to run at normal speed after authentication service failure.

Yes, I have the same problem. Was it before or it is a new problem?

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new one as of today.

is anyone in yet? I feel like my files are being held hostage!


Same here!!’s been keeping me from my work basically all day!!

My Cloud Home should never be the only form of storage for your critical data and three forms of storage with one of them offsite is recommended. Even with Auth0 server disruption today,

  • ‘Private User Space’ was still available if it had been mounted prior to server disruption.
  • In addition ‘Public Shared’ using SMB in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder was also available locally.
  • A routine backup of MCH to an external USB drive attached to the MCH could have afforded another form of backup. The USB drive could have been dismounted and mounted elsewhere.
  • Finally, a third backup, offsite, to the cloud using Dropbox or other cloud storage would have provided another backup.