Audio Volume difference between music and video

I did some searching but didn’t see anything related…wondering if anyone else has observed this.

If I play back music (source doesnt seem to matter, pandora, my own music on a share ect), set the volume to a comfortable level, then change to a video source (In this case, netflix).  I can’t hear Netflix at all, I have to turn my volume up quite a bit.  

Based on other sources and my experience with my receiver the abnormal one is the music, IE it seems exceptionally louder than other sources.


Yep…  That’s “Normal.”

MUSIC is produced using MUCH HIGHER volume (It’s called RMS volume) than movies.   

Movies have standards and specifications in which DOLBY and DTS require the volume to be in specific ranges.

There are no such standards in music.

Now as far as NEFLIX is concerned, I experience the total opposite…  NetFlix about blasts me through the walls most of the time.

Thanks, that’s exactly what was I wondering.  

Regarding your experience, not sure if this matters but all the netflix titles I tried were DD 5.1…