Audio/Video out of synch with DD5.1

Just got this unit last night and I love it.  But, it’s going back to the store, I think.  Almost all of my movies are out of synch (MKV with DD5.1).  When setting the audio out to analog stereo, the synch is fine.  But using the digtal audio, the synch is distracting enough that the unit is unusable.

Video out is HDMI to Sony KDS-R60XBR2

Audio is Toslink out to Pioneer VSX-D812

The issue’s been tracked here since Nov. 13:

Can we get an official statement on the fix for this?  I’ve only got a finite window of time to get this returned to the store.


Yea, please fix this WD!

I have the exact same problem and I’ve already sent a question about this to WD support. For now, they asked me to send them MediaInfo about the file in question. I did, of course, but also wrote that this is a well known problem and that they perhaps shouldn’t spend to much time with my particular file, but rather with coming up with a solution to a problem which is clearly with the WD TV Live unit, not the file.

Another question I asked about a week ago (connection drop) was apparently not worthy of any reply.

I kind of feel I’m getting either ignored or “handled”.