Audio video out of sync

mp4s I created played fine on mdtv just fine no problems but I went out and purchased mdtv live now I get sync problems the movie starts fine but if I pause or stop the movie that’s when the sync errors show up if I watch the movie all the way through no problems.

Same for me mp4’s out of sync and some of then don’t even play : file not supported !!! any answers WD peoples !!

but i don’t have problem playing them on my wdtv hd , for now i don’t like the wdtv live please put out new firmware to fix these problem !!! and other ones like youtube log in and crashing…:mansad:

I use a minor woraround which normally works. After FF or pause the sync error occurs on mp4 files. I do a bit REW whenever it occurs and play again. Repeat the step if you are not satisfied. Two or three attempts, it is ok.

It does not happen with .mkv files for me. Only .mp4 files are affected.