Audio Synch when playing back DTS MKV Files

Is there any chance that the issue with WD LIVE audio losing synch when playing back MKV files with DTS is actuially going to be fixed.

I have just updated to the latest firmeware 1.01.17 and the problem is worse than ever.

Great little device however I find it kind of odd that a proble such as this exists.

 I have the Unit connected Via HDMI and utilising the optical out to a DTS amp. The files I am playing are over a network share on a server running Server 2003 running in media server mode.

They are definitely working these kinds of issues.  However, you might search the forum, there are other threads talking about this already.  You might find some more help on this.

Have you tried contacting WD’s Technical Support? I would consider giving them a call also.

To Contact WD for Technical Support