Audio sync problems

I have a new Live Streming player. I was hoping it would solve many issue I had with my WDTV live but still having issues. I saw in another post that having the network media server off helps with the stopping/stuttering - so far I think it does. But, of course I need to have it on my network to send files to it, so hopefully this bug will be fixed.

My other issue is audio sync on a 1080p rip MKV file. I noticed that my audio gets further and further out of synch as the film goes on. If I hit pause and then BACK, then start playing the film again, the audio resyncs. Anyone else have this problem?

Having the same problem with audio sync in MKV files. My SMP is running 1.04.12 firmware.  Am I missing a setting somewhere?  Is mkv the forgotten format WD?  My two Live-PLUS boxes run the files without a problem.  Should I revert to an earlier firmware? (My SMP originally came with 1.0 firmware installed, but I didn’t test anything before the upgrade…what can I say, they (WD) caught me in a trusting moment).  Just wanted to say, you are NOT alone.

I have a handful of 1080p MKV files, none have audio sync issues.

For the both of you, Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for such a file.

… so the actual coding can be referenced.

I also have an audio sync problem. All of my MKV files/movies are out of sync by aprox 140 ms. This doesn’t happen with my old WDTV Live Plus. The picture and audio are consistently out of sync on the new Streaming  Media Player throughout the whole film. Tested it by hooking it up to different TV’s to see if the input lag was the case. The audio was off from picture on all 3 TV’s with the Streaming player but worked fine on the old Plus player.

Are you using Auto-Framerate on all the boxes?  or None of the boxes?

I’m having the same problem here, audio in all of my .MKV files is out by around 200ms. Never had an issue with the old TV Live. No idea what’s happening.

Yes, HDMI output set to auto. Match framerate - Yes. Both units identical. Audio is HDMI Passthrough .4 different Hard drives all hooked up with USB. Doesn’t matter if audio is stereo DTS or Dolby. However the delay is a little less with stereo audio than multi-channel (5.1). Ill have to try optical audio later to see if that solves it? 

Im using optical here and still have the issue. :cry:

Thanks green comet. Ill give it a run on my theater tonight to verify. My work around so far has been to run the HDMI into my receiver and delay the audio 140ms, some films requiring a bit more. I have tried different firmware versions (I own 3 Streaming boxes) and all the same. Maybe next release will fix it.

Just for giggles, turn frame-rate matching off and see if anything changes.

So its verified, same delay with optical as HDMI. Tony, thanks for the suggestions but that didn’t work either. I spent a little time trying different settings and nothing changed. I did find that the audio is actually 180 ms ahead of video.

To answer your question SamLowry. I’ve had that issue with the audio drifting further out of sync as the film goes on. I would suggest rebuilding your hard drives directory.  Defrag the file/movie. If you don’t have a program to do this, an easy way is to copy the file/movie to a different hard drive then copy it back the original drive. If that doesn’t do it, Defrag the entire drive. Ive seen this happen to my drives when I filled them to the top with data which could be what you’re seeing. Good luck