Audio Sync Problem 1st Gen

the audio on some of my dual audio mkv anime files wont play in sync with the video, the rest of the series works fine apart from one or two files, they’re all encoded the same way and are in sync when i play them on my laptop, anyone able to shead some light on why this is happening or how i could fix it

also, is there any news on if they plan to add DTS support to the 1st gen?

thanks in advance

use a program called media info… and find out what the frame rate is on the videos that work and the ones that dont… i bet you the ones that dont work are 29 fps and the ones that do are less then 26 fps… anyway if thats tru then ull have to recode the files to be at a lower frame rate… right now it cant seem to play the faster framerate mkv files

pretty sure thats not whats doing it since the whole series is 29.97 FPS according to media player classic

well test it out… it only takes a few minutes to rencode one episode, anyway there is lots of sync problems with mkv and realistically they probably wont be releasing a new firmware update anytime soon… (well i wouldnt count on it anyway) so the only option you have is to reencode it, or live with it.

I had problems too, I used handbrake to re encode my mkvs to mp4s but also i couldnt get the dual audio working on mp4s so I dont know what you could otherwise do…(besides just re encodeing to mkv with a lower frame rate)

Like i said ur 95% most likly ganna have to re encode everything that doesnt work, just keep trying different things till you find one that works… i suggest using a usb stick for the tests so you dont have to run back and forth with the dirve :)… anyway good luck

**bleep**, was hoping to aviod re-encoding…ohwel, guess ill have to do it, thanks for the help :smiley: