Audio stops via component cables and requires reboot to work again

I occasionally lose audio via component cables; video is fine.  The only fix is a hard boot - hold the power button for a while to force the WD TV Live Hub to shutdown then power it back on.  It happened now ~4 times.  

The only thing to add is that the unit is powered off using the remote overnight.  The next day I can see video, but no audio.  

My tv has only one HDMI connection which is in use by the DirectTv box.  So, not an option for the moment to go with HDMI. 

Is this a firmware issue or a bad box?

  • NEW OWNER ( Jan 30, 2011 )

Note … in case someone notices, I posted this message in the wrong location earlier

You could try resetting the box via the bottom button using a paperclip. Press for one second and release with the hub fully booted up. It should reboot.

It may or may not help but its worth a try.