Audio stops playing

When I watch a movie the audio stops after say 5 minutes. I switch the device off and back on and I resume the movie at the poibt the audio stopped and I have audio again. Plroblem is 5 minutes later audio stops again.

Not happy at all with this mini TV thing:-(

Does this happen on every kind of movie you play (different file types)?  And have you checked to see which file types and codecs the Mini supports?  Cause if that’s the case, it sounds like you got a bad wdtv mini.

i have sort of the same problem. had mine 4 , 3 months already has always worked good, but now after a few minutes of play the video just stops. and the audio will keep going 4 awhile then just turn off. it happens on all my files now. then when i try to go to another file they all say empty. so i have 2 turn it off and back on again to get the files to come up.  hope sum1 nose whats goin on so ican fix this.