Audio Snow - OH NO!

Hi folks!!!

I’ve had my WDTVLH for well over a year now an with y’all’s help have pretty much found a way to do everything I needed to.  Now I’m having an intermittent audio problem.

I recently went from using DigOpt from my WDTVLH to HDMI for the audio.  Now, maybe four or five times a week, my audio becomes 90% snow sound and 10% the audio I want to hear.  AND it’s across all audio streams:  the mp3s that had been playing for over a year flawlessly and YouTube videos.  I can remedy the problem by a hard reset and I believe a soft reset does the trick too.

Dig passthru via HDMI = yes

AutoDetect = yes

Summary lists, DD, DD+, DTS, DTHD, PCM all on channel 8 and all with sample bit rates of 32, 44, 48, 88 and 96

Thoughts?  Places to investigate?

Thanks again folks!!!

Jim Preis

What firmware are you using? Also, have you try a different HDMI cable?

3.01.19 is the few level. Yes, I’ve tried an alt HDMI cable.

I had a very similar problem, audio sounded very distorted.   It was on a WMV file, a reboot fixed mine.

I have a feeling something is not right with the current firmware with the PCM audio fix.

I reported a issue Here    Please give Kudos if you are also see the same problem

Has anyone tried playing MP3’s or Pandora through a Receiver via HDMI and getting PCM multchannel light up on the receiver.  Mine is showing PCM 7.0    Regardless   if I tell the WDTVhub to pass PCM or not.