Audio questions

Okay sorry for my ignorance, but Im not totally up to par with audio… Heres what im doing and where I have questions…

  1. have HTPC where I rip my bluray movies and store on hard drives.

  2. currently have 1, but plan to get 2 more WD TV Hubs where I will watch my ripped blurays anywhere in the house

so, with that being said, I was thinking MKV would be the best format to rip them. Plan to use makemkv. So did my first movie and it had HD Audio… so when I ripped it, played on WDTV i could get video, but no sound. So im a little bummed.  In my bedroom where I have the only WDTV right now, I dont have a receiver or anything… just WDTV and TV hooked up.

I think in makemkv there was an option to not select HD audio and do DD instead. I tried again choosing BOTH audio options, but still wouldnt work on my tv. so i guess im going to try one more time and choose only DD audio option.

but im concerned that on my other tvs where I do have receivers, the HD audio might work and dont want to be ripping them all in a lesser quality audio.

so what are my options here? what exactly is HD audio anyway? is the DD option still 5.1 surround? is there a way to get this HD audio to work? what if i rip as an ISO instead of a mkv… played around with clownbd to make an ISO and i dont think it even gave me an option to choose another audio, only HDaudio… if i do that, will it play sound on my tv?

If you ripped the bluray with makemkv and you selected both audio streams, like ddtruehd and the default core dd 5.1, then there will be two audio streams on the file. You would need to “select” the correct audio stream using the HUB “audio” button. The default will be the first stream, which is the HD stream. Try selecting the second stream.