Audio quality specs PCM 24bit/96 kHz

Support for wav/PCM looks pretty good. I tried out various wav (uncompressed) audio (up to 24bit/96 kHz 2 channel) and all play back nicely. I even could play back a 5.1 wav (uncompressed) file but the mixdown to 2 channel wasn’t obvious (with significant lower level out).

 I have only used the 2 channel audio RCA outs (not HDMI yet) into a good hifi system and it sounds very good. While I don’t expect anything approaching analog audiophile quality out of the analog RCA outs, does anyone know the specs (TDH, S/N etc…) of the analog outs?  What D/A converters are used?

Playing back iso image files of a DVD-Video worked perfectly also.

Also, does the high-def audio carried over HDMI support all the high-quality audio of the 1.3 spec?

Any comments on S/PDIF output performance?