Audio problem with Vob files

I have just created some vob files from a set of DVDs.

Some play OK but others there is no sound, either thru optical or HDM.

After I changed the audio setting toStere from Digital Passthtu, the sound was there.

After further investigations the file hat did not play were AC3 1 channel, the files hat played OK were AC3 2 channel.

Has anyone experienced this or know whether it is a firmware problem or not.

HI there. Do a board search for “AC3” and you’ll see that it is more of a random issue…

As stated above the issue is universal and varies from title to title. If you are just playing the DVD’s from a computer and want an instant fix convert your DVD’s to an mpg stream with the freeware version of VOB2MPG. It takes about 10 minutes per DVD and there is no stuttering problems.