Audio Problem with Philips TV 42PFL7633D/12 and HDMI

Hi, I have the problem in the Subject. I can’t ear any audio, from any kind of video file (divx, xvid, mkv, mp4) with Hdmi connection. Tryed every configuration of the Hub with the same results.

Finally tryed the hub with the same cable on another tv of a friend of mine and it works properly with stereo select on the Hub.

I can ear audio connectin rca of the hub to the tv and hdmi for the video part.

Any suggestion?

Sorry for my English, i’m from Italy :smiley:


Before the Wd Hub, i had an Emtec s120h, an with the same types of files and the same HDMI cable, i was able to ear every type of sound.

It depends on the type of audio in the file you are trying to play and what your TV can support. For instance, when I connect through an HDMI connection I can play my old avi files since they only have mp3 audio, however my mkv content does not work since the WD attempts to passthrough the ac3 or dts track to the TV, and my TV does not support this audio.

For this reason I just connected it to my TV with the HDMI & RCA connection, selected stereo, and now the WD will reencode the audio signal to go over my RCA connection, which is a signal that my TV supports.

EDIT: Didn’t catch the second post in time, however it is possible that the other box was reencoding the audio. This is just my best guess since you had said the WD worked on a different TV, and from a quick google search it seems like the Emtec may not have had audio passthrough options, so it would likely have changed the audio to another format which the TV could support. There are a lot of variables here though so could be wrong.

I have done the same of U. I can’t ear any type of audio (mp3, dts, etc etc) with only HDMI. But i want only to know why with the Emtec s120h i was able to ear every type of audio with the same TV. Is this a problem of audio reencoding of the WD Hub?


Anyone else have this problem? Any other solution?