Audio play music with WD app

Audio play music with WD app.

Just wondering how you use the WD app to play music.
I can play one track at a time, but not say play random.

Did I miss something or is the WD app limited to one track at a time ?

thank you

More information is needed. What app, what device, what My Cloud device?

I have two single bay WD My Clouds, a 1st generation and a 2nd generation. I have no problems playing my albums using the mobile app or the desktop app. See example images below. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7. I open up an album and tap on the first song and then they all play.

On my desktop, Windows 10, I select the album, then select all the songs, do a right click and click on Play. The box to the right comes up and all the songs play. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Hello Cat, many thanks for the screen grabs.
These help a lot.
In answer to your questions.
Using IOS with 11.4
WD my cloud over wifi (looks like a book stand) firmware 20.30.193
App is the one that comes with the WD

You say "playing my albums "

Is it you can play all or do you need to go to each folder manually ?
Then select play ?

The screen grab from the desk top cat, for PC is this an interface say through a browser ?

I use the My Cloud desktop app. I can go to each folder and select all of the songs and drag and drop them to the list playing. See image below.

By using the My Cloud Desktop App I can work with both of my My Clouds. See image below.

You should be able to create playlist too using the Desktop app and add as many songs as your want to. See image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Many thanks Cat,

Your input helps here.
Looks like a possible case of politics with the two powers to be.

IE I do not have these options you shown with the tablet side, it is a case of go to each folder and navigate to the folder of choice.

Desk top side no app appears to be available for the Mac enviroment, on App Store review states

‘This app is only available on the App Store for IOS devices”

To give you an idea app screen shot show this, i have yet to be able to view RAW on their WD in IOS devices.

If it helps anyone re play music, I have found a way around all of this, i tooimagek my old flip phone that accepts a SD card, filled it full of music, plugged in the phone to stereo phone lead and pressed play.

This works in car, home etc no restrictions and very mobile.