Audio output problem when playing songs

Hi, I have WD TV Live HD (not the new one) and when I try to play mp3 songs it plays fine, but when I play m4a files (music bought from itunes) I can see cover image, I can see length and time, but I hear no sound.

I found out that when I change audio output from “Digital Pass-Through via HDMI Only” to “Stereo” it plays ok.

I have WD TV Live connected with HDMI to my onkyo receiver with 5.1 setup.

Does changing audio output to stereo means movies will also play only in stereo??

Do I do something wrong? why mp3s play ok, but aac won’t?

This is an old bug. And yes, changing the audio settings to Stereo means that you movies will play in stereo.

what does it means, its an old bug? does that mean developers know about it and they’re working on a solution?

is there any workaround?

in my opinion this is serious bug and if I knew about it before buy I would probably reconsider.

why can it play 5.1 sound when you can’t use it?

Stereo is a music format; 5.1 surround sound is a movie format.

Music is mixed down to stereo, not 5.1 surround sound.

Why are you playing stereo music in 5.1 surround sound?

The WDTV Live does output and play 5.1 surround sound via HDMI. That is how I watch all movies and TV shows.