Audio Out Problems

Hey guys, since the latest firmware update i have major issues with my WDLIVETV and my Audio Out. I have a simple 2.0 cinch stereo hifi system plugged into the box and never had any problems. since the fw update i only get a noisy buzz sound trough the speakers. i’ve tried different cables and different hifi systems. NOTHING WORKS!

i don’t want to downgrade or anything. is there another possibility?

i would reset to factory defaults and then go to the settings and make sure audio is set to stereo, digital, or digital without HDMI, depending on your setup. My thought is you should be on stereo.  I had some strangeness like this with pandora and my audio files, and i had to reflash to solve.  Re do the firmware update, by downgrading then letting the box do the automatic update, then reset to factory defaults again.

Hey Guys, since 1.04.10V I have not been able to output a digital signal over HDMI. Before this update, I would get a DTS signal when the media being played contained that signal. But now I get absolutely no sound at all when I select digital output using HDMI… Am I missing something. I have tried a reset. On some articles I read it said to reset all the upstream components also as the WDLIVE may have sent an improper signal to the connected hardware. Is this an option? Any help would be appreciated… Free-

Thanks for the reply. I saw your post earlier and have already tried that.

To pick this up again…

I have the “noisy buzz” problem since I bought the WD TV Live. It seems that the firmware does have some kind of limit for sound levels. If an audio track of a file has higher dynamics than this limit, it gets distorted.

Because of that, I can´t watch about two thirds of my movies, where the autio track level is to hight for the WD.

Is there maybe a chance to set the limit higher in the next update? I coudnt think of another solution, because there are no volume setting possibilities in the menus and even if so, I would suppose that it wouldn´t help anything, because the files are too “loud” for the machine.