Audio out of sync! what to do?


i have to come back again with another query. i copied several entire dvds ( video_ts & audio_ts)  so that i can watch movies with its full glory & menu options. but most of the time when i play them there is considerable audio lag. audio comes at least 4-5 seconds later. i searched this forum & found many post regarding audio lag during playing mp4 & mkv files. no particular solution was there. i am facing while playing uncompressed video. what should i do? right now i am also facing very slow copy speed that i posted separately. right now i’m considering whether to shift iomega or some thing else. waiting for your kind response. many many thanks.



Never had this issue with any of my 400 DVDs.

What are you using to do the rips?

thanks for your reply. but i’m facing, that’s true. it does not occur all the time. in 90% cases it do occur. i use dvdfab platinum as i copy the whole dvd. in reality it should not need any extra software. it just copies video_ts & audio_ts folders and pastes them in a designated folder. it takes a lot of space, but i get all the options and dvd also gets backed up. a lot of forum users complained about mkv files. but in my case there is no ripping, no compression. don’t know why

I ripped a couple of old DVDs today.

Even shared my DVD Drive on my computer and played fine.

For fault diagnosis purposes, just rip a DVD you have been having problems with, use Imgburn and rip it to your usual place, give that a try.

Where are you playing them from anyway.

i opt for ‘copy full disc’ in dvd fab platinum and them in my desktop. from where i transferred them to wd tv live hub and i play them from wd tv only.

No such thing as DVDFab Platinum 8. So what are you actually using? Have you tried creating an ISO instead?

There is mate, Platinum is just all the suites together

I think he should try Imgburn or something else…

Unless its an Audio to receiver issue, I have a faint thought of this issue on other WD units…could just be getting old though :smiley:

probably i can not make myself clear. i copy the entire content of dvd, so that when i play it just plays like any other dvd as in a dvd player. for that thing only copy paste will do, should not need a specialised software. as i am very much used to rip, convert, burn by that software i use it. sometimes it plays fine, sometimes does not. if the file was wrong, it should happen every time. my english is not good. please bear with me.

wdtvhub wrote:

There is mate, Platinum is just all the suites together


The publisher’s website says Platinum hasn’t existed since the release of Version 6.

That link you forwarded is just some warez-weenie using a made up name.  :)

If you open up the screenshot, it shows that’s DVDFab  Which is almost 3 years old to the day.  :)

If you actually click through the links, it takes you to the DVDFab site where “Platinum” is no longer seen.

At any rate, there’s something significantly wrong with your process or setup somewhere, as a 5 SECOND discrepency in audio and video is pretty terrible.

I have ripped my 400+ DVDs using various versions of DVDFab 6 and higher (I have a lifetime subscription) and haven’t seen that happen even once.

All I can suggest is that you first try upgrading your “Platinum” to the latest version, and if that doesn’t fix it, rip to ISO instead of VIDEO_TS.