Audio out of Sync - not just with DD5.1?


i have the same problem with mkv files i genrated with handbrake from my dvd iso files.

I used h.264 videocodec and ac3 passthrough as audio track.

When i play those mkvs the audio drifts out of sync by time, i can get it back into sync by rewinding for some seconds.

So i thought ok i try directly my iso files.

In the beginning everything worked fine even ff or rew works amazingly well, much better than my (quite old) dvd player does,

but suddenly the audio starts to switch from one track to another and subtitles go on and off.

1 minute english audio german subtitles, than 5 minutes german audio and no subtitles, and than vice versa.

So no real fun either.

I am a little bit shocked, in what kind ofĀ  a buggy state this device is currently regarding the firmware.

It cant perform those tasks it was designed for initaly. But hey i could watch some youtube clips :wink:

I think WD developers need to do a lot of urgent bug fixing before they should be allowed to see any feature wish lists

with netflix, hulu, usb keyboard, webbrowser or plugin api.

The list of bugs seems to be quite long according to posts in this and other forums.

So please BUGs first!

New Features second.



Sorry forgot to mention i use the 1.01.11 firmware and play from directly attached usb hdd

hey thereā€¦

just got my live this xmas and i have to say i luv itā€¦

am not a big mkv fanā€¦most of my collection is in divx/xvid so i havent had many problems with my mini/wdtv and NO problems at all with my liveā€¦

one thing you guys have to rememberā€¦wd is mostly a hard drive companyā€¦this is there first attempt (live being the 4th version ā€” wdtv 1st gen, 2nd gen, mini, then live) so i cant really harp on them too muchā€¦at least they are trying to fix the problemsā€¦

another thing is the INSANE low price of this thingā€¦i got mine for $99ā€¦compareable media players from other companies start out at the $300 markā€¦i have about 10 different set-top box media players and this one really outshines them allā€¦have experienced far more problems with sync issues with the othersā€¦if u dont transcode to their exact specsā€”they just wont play the video

like i said iā€™m not a big mkv fanboyā€¦seems that a simple transcode to another format solves most problems and there are so many tools out there free/low cost to do this: winff, avidemux, winavi just to name a few

simply put, i just dont want people to scare wd into scraping this thingā€¦it has so much potential and many, many vendors have scrapped products in the past years due to support issues

have funā€¦

I have to say that I love the concept of the WDTV Live, but for me, right now itā€™s just a way to play Pandora through my TV.Ā  All of my video files are mp4, and the audio sync issue basically means my WDTV Live is useless for the primary reason I bought.

I really canā€™t believe Western Digital hasnā€™t addressed this issue yet, they must be too busy replacing peopleā€™s bricked units.

Reverting back to the original firmware helped the audio sync, but the mp4 video does not play smoothly at all.Ā  Unwatchable and annoying.

Come on WD, release a product that works, or donā€™t release it at all.