Audio on Hub Active Same Time ? (Digital & Red/White)

I will be using this Hub into my Component Matrix Switch located in home theater.  It drives my PJ=>100" Screen and will send the audio to the AVR.  However, the output of the long component runs to the other TVs in the house is just Red/White Stereo audio.  So, my question is the audio outputs of the hub all active at the same time ?  In other words I may want one TV upstairs and the HT watching the Hub (stereo)…the the video is no problem since the switch is driving the video to each in parallel…but if my HT is thru AVR at DD and I want the upstairs TV to have Stereo audio I need the Hub’s audio ports to all be active in parallel.  Are they ?  If not and it is a config in the hub then I may be limited to leaving at stereo unless I am in the HT and switch/select DD which would kill anyone else in house to listen.


Did you find any information in this regards?