Audio not working with Mkv files after firmware update

My WD TV Live went for autoupdatae and  the firmware got updated.  After update I am unable to hear audio from mkv files.  Same files were working fine before the firmware update.  Can any body help.

the only thing you can do is go back to the original 1.01.00 firmware. to do this follow these steps

* Download the older firmware to your computer
* Uncompress the firmware ZIP file to the root folder of a memory stick (I used a FAT 32 USB Stick): if you extracted the files properly to the USB stick you should see when you double click the USB stick 2 files wdtv.ver and wdtv.bin
* Open file “wdtv.ver” with notepad
o Change VERSION=‘1.xx.xx’ to VERSION=‘1.11.02’ (or any number higher than the current version installed)
* Perform the normal firmware upgrade procedure
o Plug the USB memory or disk into the WD TV, which will recognize a new firmware (because 1.11.02 is higher than e.g. 1.11.01)
o Press HOME, and then select the Settings bar.
o Select the firmware upgrade icon, and then press ENTER.
o You are prompted to perform the firmware upgrade.
* When done, the WDTV (system menu “About”) will report the correct firmware version, not the fake version you wrote in “wdtv.ver”

Let me know how it goes.

in audio menu, try selecting stereo instead of digital.

or the other way around,.

Thank you so much for the input.  I did bit of trial and error.  When I removed all my personal preferences and set all to default values it solved the problems.  I have’nt tried to set my personal preferences again.