Audio not playing when playing video from live hub

I have Samsung TV attached to a dvd home theater and cable set top box.

cable video out (component) and audio out (L/R) is input into TV.

dvd home theater’s hdmi out is input into TV and TV’s optical out is input into home theater

Now i added live hub. live hub’s hdmi out is going into TV’s input. video plays but no audio?

do i need to have my home theater on to get the audio or i need to feed optical out from live hub to dvd home theater?

thanks in advance.

Welcome vikasahuja to the awesome world of WDTV LIVE HUB, which is a fantastic device that continues to be plagued by firmware problems. 

Currently with the latest firmware (3.01)  there appears to be an issue with audio playback on a wide variety of sources and files, including pandora, spotify and files that are NOT recorded in Dolby Digital or DTS.   I am experiencing the problem too as a long time owner.

I would first try a file that is recorded in DD or DTS and see if it plays audio.  If it does, then see the thread above for the limited solution options while we wait for WD to once again fix a problem they created.