Audio message must be removed

Hello, everyone, Our company have bought two of gen2 wdtv units, and we would like to use them as players with two large lcd panels mounted on walls at our office. Display material will be our ads, wich are 10* ~40sec. clips. Everything would be fine, but the overlay text telling “1/1: audio channel mpeg” even on loop setting, for each of the clips. Has anyone managed to get rid of this ■■■■? I am quite surprised - there are zounds of different info about media file, they have managed to succesfully not show any of that, but left out the least interesting and almost zero importance sound channel thing. Anyway, this is really making our presentation look unprofessional un ugly, so once again, has anyone managed to get rid of this? Im ok with custom firmwares, but wich, if there are any to help me? Sorry for my english and thank You in advance.

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In the WD TV live the bug is fixed as stated in the release note version 1.02.21: Resolved audio channel information showing up in AutoPlay mode. Does anyone have some more information if the WD TV HD will get this love too ?

i found this in the ideas lab. Please everyone vote this up. :smiley:;jsessionid=4881E087B42EBA502B117368FE530E33


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“1/1: Audio channel MPEG”

Jeesh, it is really unpleasant to see this at the start of every video.

I have the latest generation WD TV Live, just updated the firmware (1/2/21) and I still get the message at the start of every single video.  It really ruins any kind of video slide show. 

I am thinking it must be a glitch, as it seems so extraneous, or of only occassional or specific use .  The same goes for the info bar with the video length that appears at the beginning of every video, even in continuous play mode.   The user really must be given the option to shut it on or off.

I just added my support to the change in the ideas forum, although the title of that post is not as clear about the problem as this thread is.


If it wasn’t fixed in the latest Live firmware as you say, what are the chances it’ll get fixed in the next Gen2 firmware?

Bill, can you answer this? I want to bring you into this because you’re the only one that can tell us what to expect in the next firmware release. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again…it’ll be a real shame if the next firmware release still contains all of these bugs. You can bet that the first thread I start after the next firmware will be a list of still existing or newly introduced bugs.

I don’t doubt that for one second, Nijaju.  Honestly, I don’t know what’s coming in the next firmware update.  As much as I am aware that bugs are supposed to be - being - fixed, I’m not in on which ones they are. 

I belive that the 1.2.21 update removes the message just in the loop mode.

Can we speed this up?! :neutral_face: