Audio Keeps Cracking in Mp4 files and Mp3 files

Ok so from what ive read  mp3’s that are cracking in the player can be fixed with mp3gain.    Well how exactly is that possible?    And thats not even the problem here

The problem here is I made a music video and encoded it to mp4 @ 8mbps with a 1920x800 res.   

here is the file information

How can i normalize the peaks and rebuild the video in as few steps as possible?   I would really like it if there was some sort of firmware upgrade that allows for VBR audio to not crack like this.     

When i bought this item I thought it was gonna be a simple solution to having to hook my pc up to the **bleep** tv to play higher res video files.

but it looks like it cant even play mp3s correctly without some modification.   I really dont care about any mp3’s at the moment.  All i want is to get the video fixed .   Someone please help

So no one else is having this problem with the audio in the videos reaching a peak in which the media player cannot interpret and causes distortion and cracking?

You might be having problems getting a response because what you’re asking is more about video and sound editing rather than about the WD TV HD.  I would also check on the internet for other forums that deal with sound and video editing.