Audio Issues

Hey All,

              Just recently loaded MY BOOK LIVE DUO with music files,I have no problem with access to the files using the WD 2go Pro app.When I try to access the DUO using the SONY AUDIO NETWORK REMOTE which controls all my networked speakers the remote does not function properly nor does it allow me to play music from the DUO  to any of my networked speakers .The SONY AUDIO NETWORK REMOTE app worked perfectly with my WD LIVE HUB ,steaming from the Hub to all of my networked speakers,but the DUO will not stream to my speakers…has anyone else come across this or a similar problem and/or found a solution or app which will read files on the DUO and stream them to networked speakers,the wd 2go pro only works to stream to the unit running the app…any help would be appreciated .

Not sure on that.  Have you contact wd support to let then know about it?


The SKIFTA remote app seems to address these issues…so far !!

Hpoe this helps anyone with the same problems …cheers!!