Audio is not supported on Canon SD780 and SD980

My new canon cameras produce HD .mov movies. I get no audio. WD says they don’t support it. They say I should convert to another format. I can but it defeats the purpose for which I bought the WD TV, namely to do quick previews of the movies on an HDTV before editing. Since Canon is one, great big camera company, I can’t believe WD can’t produce firmware to support some of its most popular cameras. Am I missing something?

Hi Prs77,

You might want to consider putting this up as an idea on the Idea Exchange.  It’s definitely worth considering.

Same here with the Canon SX 200 IS. Apparently all new Canon cameras use the sowt codec for audio compression and this is currently not supported by WD media Player. I assume more and more people will get hit with the same problem. Please add this codec to the next Firmware release. Thank you!