Audio high and low with live media hub and vizio sound bar

Can someone help me figure out why the volume on the movies I watch goes high and low. Usually its just the voice that’s low and the sound effects high? 

I play mostly mkv videos that are 720p from the media hub connected via hdmi to my lg tv and optical out from the tv to the vizio soundbar.

Ive tried adjusting the audio settings on the media hub to hdmi pass through only but to no avail. Can somebody help?

Must be something to do with Vizio’s TV’s. Mine does it too. So I just set the audio on the TV’s menu to Stereo and that makes everything equal. No loud backround music or sound effects this way.

I’ll second that on the Vizio TVs. I am running out from my TV to my stereo and if I use the center channel the voice is too low and the Backround and effects are loud. If I set the stereo to use the four speakers (plus subwoofer) and avoid the center channel it sounds great.

I am not running  a high end TV or Stereo so I figure it is fine for now. I also have assumed that if i ran the hub directly into my stereo I would have better luck with this issue but I dont have enough inputs to do so.


Do you have by any chance on your soundbar under the sound settings option to normalize the volume level to Night, Normal and OFF mode?

Did you try SRS TruSurround HD option?