Audio formats and hdmi-cec


I just bought the wd live streaming, also because the support of hdmi-cec. It works only partially for me, I have the following issue. The TV can not play the sound correctly if the receiver is turned off, while this should work with stand-by passtrough

The receiver can handle a lot of audio format (dts, dolby, …), while the tv can only handle 2channel PCM. 

I have the following usecase

* I’m playing a movie which has sound that is not 2channel pcm

* the receiver is turned on, so everything is fine

* I turn off the receiver. hdmi-cec kicks in and redirects the audio and video directly to the tv with standby passtrough

* this works fine for the video, but I have no sound as the tv cannot decode this format.

* If at this point I open the setup menu and do hdmi autodetect again, it correctly detect 2channel pcm, and from that moment the tv can output the sound.

So long story short. Is is possible for the WD to do a re-detect of the hdmi features supported the receiver is turned off/on. I’m not sure that’s supported by hdmi-cec. I would suppose there is something possible, as this renders standby passtrough pretty useless :slight_smile:

Interesting, I tried this at home, same as you, it looks like the WD TV SMP cannot re-detect  the HDMI setup on the fly.