Audio files not all there

I cannot see all the audio files in folders yet video files are all there. In one folder I have 3500 items and I can see 40… I have tried resetting the WD but it didn’t make a difference. I also have Deezer on my unit and there I can also only see 40 songs of the playlist. This is very annoying. Does anyone have any idea how to fix it?


Hi there,

In order to get mote help, please share how you are accessing the files from the Media player. Is it from the network or a drive attached to the unit? 

I use a media server program called TVersity installed on a Windows 7 machine. The software does all the sharing of the content. I checked TVerssity through it web interface and all the files are showing there. Just not on either my WD TV live units. I run a cabled 1Gbps network through the whole house. The file names have not changed. It is still in the same place has always been with the same file structure.

I never used to have the local content issue, I could access all my music and videos. Now I can only see a small amount of audio files and luckily all the video files.


Any ideas what might be the cause?