Audio files don't playback in expected order

I’ve spent a long time trying to diagnose this problem.  Could people let me know if the same behaviour happens with their Live Hub in the following situation: 

When I playback audio files with the WD TV Live Hub, I enter the folder with the files,  highlight the first track and press play. The first track plays, then track one plays again, then the other tracks play in order and playback stops.

If I select any other track  -  for instance track three and press play, track three plays, then it jumps back  and plays track one, then two, three etc. 

I have the play mode set to “Normal.”

The folder only contains the audio files - no images or playlists. 

I am using navigate by folder.

This happens with files I have ripped from my CDs to .WAV files and converted to MP3 and FLAC files.

I get the same result if the files are on a Windows 7 network share, a Sharespace NAS or if I copy the same folder to the Live Hubs internal hard disk.

If I play the same files with a WD TV Live, the files playback in the expected order.

If I highlight the folder and press play, instead of entering the folder, the files playback in the expected order.

I am using the latest 2.05.08 FW , but I rolled back to the original firmware and the same behaviour occurs. 

I have seen a post where another user seems to have the same problem, so I am trying to find out if this is a wide spread problem.

Thank you.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Here is some further information on my problem. If I put the Live Hub to sleep, by pressing the power button once;

when I switch the Hub on again the audio files play back as expected - I select track 3, press play and track 3

plays, then track 4 etc. This correct playback happens from the network shares as well as the local drive. I also

notice that the status info at the bottom of the screen shows the Artist and Album from the file metadata. However

any files that I have added to folders do not show up and some folders also don’t show up in the folder list. Some

folders that I know contain music files give a “There is no media in the current folder” error.

If I completely shut down the Hub, by holding the power button for five seconds, when I switch the Hub back on, I

get the same behavior I reported - I select track 3, press play, track 3 plays, then track 1 plays, track 2 etc. I

also notice that the metadata for Artist and Album does not show up in the status bar. The files and folders that

did not show up from standby now show up after switching off completely.

Does anybody have any idea what would cause this behavior or has the same problem?