Audio distortion in movie playback

Anytime I watch a movie, I get distortion from the speaking parts if the TV is turned up more than 30%. The speakers reverberate like the treble is turned up too high and it’s more than the speakers can handle.

Prior to getting the WDTV Live Hub, I was using my Mac to watch movies on the TV and there was never an audio issue. I’ve seen other posts for audio issues that are associated with Flingo, but this is not related. I’ve reset the box and disconnected the power and tried the WDTV box on several TVs and always have the audio problem. I wish there was an audio setting where a user could adjust the settings.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Hi there, how do you get the destortion? I mean, what are your settings? Do you use the component or HDMI connection? What is the media info of the file on the audio enconding, the frequency and the sample rate? i understand that this did not happen with your Mac, but the media player is not a Mac, so the media info on the files can help as it can tell if the files may have issues with the media player…