Audio: Digital vs. Digital without HDMI Audio

What’s that all about? I never even realized that this was added with the latest firmware. I was having center channel issues for a while now and just got my RMA’d Live unit in and it was still having center channel issues. I just happen to look in the Audio options this time and saw the newly added Digital without HDMI Audio option…since selecting it I haven’t had any center channel audio issues so far with the one movie that caused some audio problems.

Just wondering what the difference between the two is…why was it just finally added in the last firmware update?

Hopefully this new options solves the center channel issues I was having.

The purpose of that function is to turn OFF AUDIO on the HDMI altogether so that users don’t get “Unsupported Format” type errors on their TV displays that don’t support HDMI audio.

However, it doesn’t seem to work perfectly; there still is audio on HDMI…

Ah i c…well hopefully it solves the darn center channel issue I’ve been having. I’m gonna end up buying a new AVR soon though anwyay…something with 1.4 HDMI in/out so I get the Audio Return Channel instead of being limited to Optical and so many optical inputs and just one HDMI going to my TV. Has to have at least 4 HDMI inputs on the AVR…i see some have as many as 6!